Archie Chiu


Tell us something about you.
My name’s Archie. I was born in Taiwan but have lived in Melbourne for a few years now. I entered the world of coffee about 8 years ago, when I started working as barista. Nowadays, I work as Operations Manager at Code Black Coffee Roasters. Besides dealing with roasting and making the business grow, I am in charge of developing and promoting our coffee-shop, thus ensuring it is always on top.

What about your hobbies?
I love reading books, playing basketball and boxing.

A day without coffee...?
I’d have to drink tea – top quality tea, it goes without saying!

You’re good at...?
Making things happen!

What’s your favourite coffee spot?
My favourite place is my home – here, in the weekend mornings I can prepare a cup of coffee and have time to taste it.

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