Jim Olejnik


Tell us something about you.
My name is Jim. I live and work in Leeds, Northern England. I work as a Barista, Barista trainer and chef at Laynes Espresso. In the 5 years that have passed we have found our place amongst a growing city as more and more people have found us. We wanted to give the coffee drinking population of Leeds a venue that paid absolute attention to the quality of just two ingredients, coffee and (possibly) milk, and an informative and welcoming environment to enjoy it in.

What about your hobbies?
I like going to gigs. Always trying to start a band but its gets harder the older and busier you get! I spend too much money eating and drinking with friends but its what makes me happy.

A day without coffee...?
One day is OK. I’ll drink a few cups of Yorkshire tea.

You’re good at...?
Connecting with people, conveying my passion, teaching classes on coffee, latte art and anything concerning this fantastic world.

What’s your favourite coffee spot?
I don’t really have a favourite coffee spot. There are a bunch of shops I enjoy going to where I know I’ll get a tasty coffee, good food and a welcoming experience. They make my experience memorable and inspiring.

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