DC System

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We want to stand out. We want to be practical. We want to offer the simplest solution. Our DC System provides the best result in cup – a result that’s consistent and repeatable.

GCS, OCS, MCS are exclusive technologies we created to enable big coffee-shop chains – or places with a very high staff turnover – to provide consistently excellent espressos and milk-based drinks. GCS always guarantees an optimum grinding; with OCS you can control your machines by remote, whilst MCS assures an exquisite milk foam for your cappuccinos.

Quality is all that matters to us.


Our grinders miss nothing – not even the minimal changes coffee undergoes during the day. Once they are connected to our machines, dc one and dc two will automatically adjust the grind to provide consistently perfect coffee preparations.

This is why we succeed in providing excellent quality for each extraction.



Cappuccino – an actual challenge for any barista. Well, we know how to make you meet that challenge. Just push a button to get perfect milk frothing, resulting in a fine-textured foam. A temperature sensor will automatically stop the steaming process when the milk reaches the optimum pre-set result.

Easy, isn't it?


All you need is a connection, wherever you are. With your smartphone, laptop or any other device, you can connect to your espresso machine remotely and easily modify the temperature of each group, set up the coffee doses for the extractions, control counters, timers, alarms and all the main parameters of your Dalla Corte machine!

Whenever you want, wherever you want.

DC System

DC System