A Story of Innovation

  • A Passion as Strong as Coffee – Dalla Corte Family

    • In 1947, Bruno Dalla Corte is an enthusiastic young man who starts working as a technician at the Cimbali espresso machine Company. In the 50's, Bruno gains La Faema group owner's trust and works on the creation of  the E61 espresso machine. In the 60's, Bruno manages a series of autonomous technical support centres, but his creative mind keeps working tirelessly and later devises the innovative steam circulation technology – that is when La Spaziale espresso machine is produced at ABA factories in Bologna. Bruno and his son Paolo will work there together for many years.

  • The Original Multi-Boiler Technology

    • A new, thrilling adventure starts in 2001! Paolo, his father Bruno and his sister Elsa found a new espresso coffee machine manufacture – Dalla Corte. The strong presence of the family can be seen in the Company's logo – Bruno's elegant signature becomes an integral part of the Company's brand.

      Revolutionising and evolving – this is why we want to stand out from the crowd. Evolution is the only espresso machine in the world using the original multi-boiler technology. And we invented it.

  • The “Proof of Taste” Years

    • The "Proof of Taste" – our challenge to the sector. The exclusive multi-boiler technology of our professional espresso coffee machines provides a constant temperature that's precise to one tenth of a degree. Each coffee has its own typical taste, only one extraction "sweet spot" – times have changed.

  • The Live/learn/share experience

    • We have always valued creativity! In the world of baristas, genius best shines in the engaging scene of international competitions. We have sponsored the World Latte Art Championship for 8 years and have been involved in the thrilling World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship for 7 years since its first edition. A choice that has made us feel strong emotions and has led us to meet wonderful people.
      What an exciting experience!

    • Besides the international competitions, the amazing dc campus starts in these years. World finalists meet at Spazio Candiani, our first premises, to take part in intense training days and get ready for the competitions. Living a unique experience, learning something different and new by meeting international baristas, sharing one’s passion and skills. Live/Learn/Share – an actual philosophy!

  • Design and innovation

    • "Design is people". And we combine functionality and aesthetics in one single product – our dc pro espresso coffee machine. Created by the collaboration with the Swiss designer Thomas Liebe, it features an essential design that enhances its characteristics. A style icon.

      In line with restyling and technical innovation, a classical look is back in style with the new evo2. This elegant and functional machine preserves the features that conquered our most affectionate baristas.

      The new dc one grinder line enters the market and will be soon followed by dc two double grinder. This on-demand features exclusively designed 65 mm flat burrs with an adjustment precision of 0.01 mm – we like setting new standards!

  • DC System: Unique Solutions

    • Ever since our first years, our strong progressive character emerges. Our R&D team develops the first telemetric system for espresso machines – with the Online Control System you can monitor all machine parameters remotely with an Internet connected device!

      Finding reliable solutions that provide extreme ease of use – this is how we devise the Grinder Control System, which connects the grinder to the professional barista machine. It's the first time two devices communicate to provide consistent extractions that don't need any manual adjustment.

      With the Milk Control System, we give baristas an extra hand – you can obtain a dense, homogeneous milk foam automatically by pushing a button. Easy, isn't it?

  • Ethics and commitment for a better world

    • Honesty, transparency, environmental sustainability – three main principles of our philosophy. We support the Orang Utan Coffee Project in Sumatra to make farmers better understand coffee, providing them with tools to start sustainable, environmentally-friendly farming.

      We believe in giving people a second possibilty. With the Second Chance Project, we started a particular cooperation with the Penitentiary of Bollate (Milan). The classic model Evolution, our first espresso machine, will have a second life thanks to the inmates' work.

    • We are the first manufacturers in the world to produce professional espresso machines with "lead free" materials. This means that the surfaces of the machine in contact with water do not release harmful substances, nor jeopardise the quality of the final food product. Always a step ahead!

  • #MakeItBetter

    • The will to give our brand a new image leads us to a new, colourful and dynamic style. “Re-introducing Dalla Corte” restyling campaign starts.

    • Brand strategy innovation, new technologies on the market. Mina, our latest invention, introduces flow profiling – a new parameter in espresso extraction. An extremely customisable machine that gives each coffee a unique style. Just like in the small but powerful Max on-demand grinder, engineering precision is encased in a unique product full of character.

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