At Reinnett, our DC machines are at your service!

Nov 11, 2019

We recently held one of our Dalla Corte Coffee & Talks in beautiful Jakarta, Indonesia. Coffee&Talks is a touring event organized by Dalla Corte alongside their Partners from all over the world. This event is an opportunity to invite potential customers, baristas, chains, and coffee lovers to an unmissable event, filled with amazing contents.

Our local Partner, Reirom, has just opened a brand new coffee shop, called Reinnett. A Dalla Corte Rebel and a shiny red Dalla Corte XT  - where you can read the name Reinnett on the custom black boiler - are at the customers' service! The location is on two floors: the ground floor is a true and proper coffee shop, while the top floor will be dedicated to professional courses. Way to go Reirom!

At Reinnett, our DC machines are at your service!
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