In Dalla Corte we are part of the third wave of coffee culture! What about you?

Jul 31, 2019

In the specialty coffee world, we associate single-origin coffee, distinctive roast profiles and flat whites and cappuccinos with intricate latte art, with the so called third wave of coffee culture: but what does it actually refer to?

We could define the third wave as a mindset in which we want to share the backstory behind the cup of coffee. Part of this story is written by producers, importers, roasters, and lastly baristas and consumers. It explains why that coffee is different from general blends, why it has a complex mix of flavours and aromas you can particularly appreciate and why high-quality coffee takes so much work and dedication.

So, retracing the history of these “coffee waves”, in the ‘60s the first wave focused on quantity over quality, as opposed to second wavers who introduced the contemporary emphasis on coffee origins and roasting styles to the masses. The third wave differs in the relationship between the consumer and the coffee: coffee drinkers, consumers, have become increasingly interested in how the coffee’s been made, who’s roasted the coffee beans and how it’s been brewed.

In Dalla Corte we are part of the third wave in many exciting ways! Supporting local farmers in Sumatra for a more direct trade through the Orang Utan Coffee Project, promoting sustainability using eco-friendly materials on our machines, and producing state-of-art commercial espresso machines to assist you in creating new brewing techniques. We’re here to build actual relationships, through our machines we wish for our customers to chase complexity and distinctiveness in their coffees.

We’re reaching the start of the fourth wave, where will this new wave take us?

In Dalla Corte we are part of the third wave of coffee culture! What about you?
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