Is frothing milk hard?

Nov 24, 2020

Is frothing milk hard? Your barista can make it look pretty simple, but there are multiple steps that play a part when frothing milk, and it’s the barista’s job to balance them carefully.

So what actually happens to go from plain milk to a creamy micro-foam for the perfect cappuccino? First of all, the milk starts heating up into the metal pitcher as the steam wand creates a toroidal vortex. At this point, the barista needs to incorporate air into the milk by skilfully moving the pitcher, while feeling the temperature with his/her hand and keeping the tip of the steam wand off-center near the side of the pitcher, just below the milk surface.

In this picture, we see Grace Mani of Mani’s Coffee & Bagels showing their newest team member how it’s done on commercial espresso machine Dalla Corte EVO, keep up the good work!

Is frothing milk hard?
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