Max grinder will take care of everything for you!

Aug 29, 2019

Max can manage to do a lot more than you would expect, don’t be fooled by his small size!

By placing the portafilter onto its holder, Max will automatically recognize whether you’re going for a single dose or a double one, thanks to two sensors placed on the grinder. You can also set the best grinding time for your coffee (0-10 sec) and have complete control over your coffee beans.

His 65mm flat burrs are powered by the same engine as the bigger DC One and DC Two, conforming to their same performance levels in terms of precision, consistency, grind size and speed, providing an ideal grind for any type of coffee.

So relax and let Max surprise you. A grinder that follows your style, thanks to custom panels of different colours and materials. 

Max grinder will take care of everything for you!
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