Pure innovation

XT, personalize your recipe and create your unique vision of coffee with the new XT. Strength, consistency and creativity all wrapped in technology. That's what makes her stand out.

Flow profiling

Each independent group has a new flow control. The barista can customize coffee and obtain the desired recipe, by regulating the flow profile for each group thanks to a manual regulation. XTreme precision in flow, endless possibilities in extraction.

XT temperature control

Precise control of the temperature in every single group. Double the control, double the precision. The flow controller and the probe can manage your temperature up to 0,1°c. Play with temperature and get the best out of your coffee.

Weight System

XTreme accuracy in the weighing system, a real time weight control during the coffee extraction, and the end result in the cup. The XT gives you a drop by drop control to create your perfect shot.

XT Espresso Machine

Imagine your ideal machine, choose the colour and personalization you want!

The #perfectshot

Discover XT's world. Our Coffee Pro Fabrizio Sencion is here to show you all the tips and tricks of our XT with our Perfect Shot series.