World Espresso Championship
2023 Athens

The World Espresso Championship (WEC) is a premier high stakes event that brings together the world's top coffee professionals to compete for the crown.

Only current national champions (Barista & Brewer) are eligible to participate in this prestigious competition, making it an exclusive and highly anticipated event.

WEC 2023 will be held on the 25th of June at the top 2 floors (and Cocktail bar) at 360 Hotel Athens.

World Espresso Championship
WEC 2023coffee

The 1st World espresso championship 2022 Melbourne

360 degrees Athens

There is no comparison anywhere to the wonder that is the Acropolis. The Parthenon-topped apex has been Greece's pride and joy since antiquity — and ancient Greeks were as distracted by its beauty as we are.

With a direct view of the Acropolis from the cocktail bar on the top floor, we're excited to announce the 2023 World Espresso Championship will be hosted on the top 2 floors of 360 Degrees Athens.
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360 Degrees Athens

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