DC Two: double hopper, one grinder

Mar 11, 2020

Twice as many options in just one grinder: the grinder on demand Dalla Corte DC Two can double your range of coffees whilst preserving your counter space.

Each grinding unit has its own distinct settings, working autonomously both in competition mode or as part of the DC dc system (GCS, Grinder Control System). The 65 mm flat burrs were developed by Dalla Corte’s R&D department: exclusively designed for espresso, to provide an extremely precise cut for any type of coffee. And the quality of your coffee beans is always under control, thanks to a temperature probe that starts a cooling fan, avoiding overheating.

All you need to do to make your espresso, is place the portafilter onto the holder and let the grinder work for you. All there’s left to do is extracting your cup of espresso with an exceptional professional coffee machine, just like they do at Café Habakuk x D'codeS. Excellent extraction starts from perfect the cut.

 DC Two: double hopper, one grinder