Digital and manual flow control, with Mina

Apr 07, 2020

What makes our single-group commercial espresso machine Mina one of a kind, is her exclusive digital profiling and electronic flow control.

Open the Mina App (free download on Apple Store and Google Play) and set up the machine: through the App’s intuitive design, you can access a whole range of adjustable features and your personal recipes.

The iconic manual lever is one of Mina’s most fascinating characteristics. Pull it all the way down to start the profile you’ve set on the App, or freestyle your extraction by lowering it in five steps to control the flow manually: our exclusive integrated DFR system has one hundredth of a millimeter precision – or as we like to say it, it can divide a single water drop into four!

Create infinite extraction profiles, enhance acidity or sweetness and adjust the recipes to your taste. Discover more by watching Dalla Corte - The #Perfectshot - Introduction to Mina.

Digital and manual flow control, with Mina