Noru Coffee roasters

Jun 09, 2020

Today our #DCaorundtheworld takes us to one of the motherlands of coffee, Sumatra. Sumatra is an Indonesian island with fertile volcanic soil, it is one of the first places coffee was grown on a large scale and its beans usually have body, depth and a unique “earthy” flavour - as coffee roasters in the West Sumatran region, Noru Coffee knows this well.

They create amazing coffees and extract their espresso shots with Dalla Corte commercial espresso machine Studio in the stunning Mint Green RAL colouration. Consistent results and temperature control are key features for a coffee roaster who knows how fundamental extraction is to enhance the qualities of your coffee in the cup.

We couldn’t agree more with Noru’s ethics towards sustainable production when they say, “In every cup you drink, there is a spirit of gratitude that goes from the farmers, to who processes the coffee drupe, to the roasters, and all the way to the baristas.” As professional coffee machine makers we know that too, and we are glad to support amazing projects with our equipment #makeitbetter

Noru Coffee roasters