"Talking" tech: connect me, I’m your grinder

Apr 26, 2017

Did you know that during the day the coffee beans inside the grinder change considerably in terms of volume due to modifications in temperature or humidity? The same happens for the extraction time, which varies substantially, even if the initial parameters are not changed.

These variables are strictly related to one another. The changes in air humidity or temperature inside the coffee shop increase or decrease the volume of the coffee beans, with an inevitable change in granulometry and extraction time. To obtain the perfect coffee and keep high quality standards you should change the setup of the grinder continuously, looking for the most suitable grinding characteristics.

Or, in alternative, you can use our Grinder Control System (GCS), the automatic coffee granulometry checking system developed by Dalla Corte. GCS is available on the dc pro and evo2 espresso machines and allows up to 3 grinders to be connected to the same machine. This is a useful tool for those who work with different coffees at the same time and on a large scale. Also Mina can be connected to grinder dc one.

Whenever the extraction doesn’t reflect the preset parameters, the machine sends a signal to the grinder which automatically modifies the grinding characteristics. The two devices “communicate with each other” and you can be sure that the extractions will always be perfect, without interruptions.

 Talking  tech: connect me, I’m your grinder