The perfect profile for your commercial blend

Jun 11, 2021

With flow profiling we can fix a coffee’s negative properties that would be inevitable to extract with what is usually found in machines where there’s no adjustable flow - a standard profile of 10 g/s for the entire extraction.

But we can also enhance aromatic properties different from the original ones and bring out some truly unique notes. Today we are trying to turn a medium-dark roast of 100% arabica blend into a new flavour experience!

The first parameter we are going to set is temperature: when we start experimenting with a new coffee selection, we usually start out between 92°C and 94°C. In this case we started from 92.5°C and, cup after cup, we found that the best temperature for this coffee was at 93.5 ° C. If we had used a higher temperature, we would have brought a bitter quality to the aftertaste, and at a lower temperature we wouldn’t have given it a full rounded body.

Having set the right temperature, we can adjust the flow. Let's start by analyzing the aromas we can extract with a traditional flow: in this blend there are notes of bread and nuts. Now we are going to enhance different notes from the original ones, and we found that with a long pre-infusion of 5 g/s for 6 seconds we can bring out some fruity notes. After that, by increasing the flow up to 9 g/s for 7.5 seconds, we managed to give full body to the cup. Last but not least, we decreased the flow rate to interrupt the extraction of this coffee’s bitter notes.

Without an adjustable flow profile like that of Zero and Mina commercial espresso machines, we would have had to settle for a more nutty flavour that would have left us with a lingering bitter taste.

Start experimenting now with the Digital Flow Regulator and share your results with us! Start by trying to fully understand the coffee you have chosen and always keep in mind that even if you set a profile to perfection, coffee can change quickly based on the weather, the heat, the humidity, and other factors. Baristas, take control of the flow! #zerolimits #makeitbetter 

The perfect profile for your commercial blend