The #perfectshot Live Q&A is back!

May 14, 2020

The #perfectshot Live Q&A by Dalla Corte is back! This week, Thursday the 14th of May at 4.30 pm (CEST), Dalla Corte Brand Ambassador Danilo Lodi will go live again on Dalla Corte’s official Instagram account, but this time he will be joined by a special guest.

Fabrizio Sencion Ramirez, Dalla Corte’s Mexican Brand Ambassador, will join Danilo from Guadalajara for what is expected to be a thrilling live session on IG! Last week Danilo answered all of your questions on Dalla Corte’s commercial espresso machines’ core technologies, focusing on the multiboiler and the DFR. This time Fabrizio will side with Danilo to talk all things coffee and tackle any inquiries as they stream in the next #perfectshot Live Q&A.

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The #perfectshot Live Q&A is back!