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Lead Free

We can proudly claim that we were the first commercial espresso machines manufacturers in the world to use new, certified materials – special brass alloys that improve the machine’s performance considerably and do not release heavy metals such as nickel, chromium or lead into the water*. Now, that’s a challenge!

We could have made our lives easier, but we chose the American FDA parameters, for all our espresso machines. That’s because we care about our customers. Because we are proud of our choices. Because we have independent minds.

* NSF/ANSI 372 - Drinking Water System Components - Lead Content. UNI EN 16889 Food hygiene - Production and dispense of hot beverages from hot beverage appliances -Hygiene requirements, migration test.

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Energy Saving

Reducing energy consumption while maintaining high performance levels? Yes, we can. The environment is our common heritage and we want to respect and preserve it. In our machines, you can use one single brewing group and turn off all the others – energy consumption is considerably lower, and so are operating costs.

We have asked a third body, the Italian Institute for the Quality Mark, to develop a special test to assess the energy efficiency of our espresso coffee machines.

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Second Chance Project

We are proud to be the second, to give a second chance and to be the first to cooperate with such a particular reality: the Penitentiary in Bollate, Milan.

This is our challenge: share our capabilities to improve other people's lives. Our classic Evolution coffee machines can have a second life thanks to the commitment and dedication of Bollate's Penitentiary inmates.

Our special team, directly supervised by our technicians, will check, restyle with new components and send back your old Evolution as good as new. Even better.

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