Gordon Howell


Tell us something about you.
My name is Gordon Howell. I’m a professional in the coffee sector and live in York, in the heart of Yorkshire, England. I started working in the specialty coffee world in 2006 along with my wife Marie. When our first baby was born, we started our activity to be in control of our lives and of what we were doing. We currently have a family business made of two coffee-shops and one training centre.

What about your hobbies?
I love relaxing and enjoying my time with family and friends. Also, I like playing golf whenever I can.

A day without coffee...?
No problem. There are so many other drinks, apart from coffee – there are alcoholic drinks, for instance!

You’re good at...?
Doing anything I’m really determined to do!

What’s your favourite coffee spot?
It depends on what part of the world I am in. Habitat Café in Aberfeldy and Prufrock in London are two of my favourite. This is because coffee is exceptional there, but also because there’s a friendship and sense of family that improve the experience. The list could go on forever!

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