Ingo Rogalla

Tell us something about you.
Hi, I’m Ingo. I live in Lucerne, Switzerland. I entered the world of coffee in 1996, when I worked in a big catering chain. I had to design a coffee shop interior – ever since that moment, coffee has been my full-time interest!

What about your hobbies?
There are my two children, inland water fishing, playing the electric guitar (rock, hard rock and blues), music, animals and plants.

A day without coffee...?
Well, I think I could make it!

You’re good at...?
Describing the characteristics of a good coffee and quality in cup.

What’s your favourite coffee spot?
I haven’t got one single place, actually. In fact, I have tasted excellent espressos in many coffee-shops, even though consistent quality is hard to find, due to various factors that affect the results in cup. In Switzerland, I usually drink the espresso in company of my customers, at our Barista Centre or at home.

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