Happy Holidays!

Dec 21, 2018

Christmas is a time to enjoy together with family and friends and to understand the importance of creating a community and do good. This Christmas, in addition to supporting our Second Chance and Orang Utan Coffee Project we have also decided to embark in a new adventure which focuses on water. In many countries in Africa, the lack of wells makes it impossible to bring clean and drinkable water to local population. In Cameroon this situation has reached a point of no return: something must be done immediately. Agape Onlus endeavours as a charity to highlight the importance of our culture as well as the world culture to fight poverty and exploitation. This is why, at the end of February, a group of volunteers will be heading to Cameroon to build wells and teach the local population the skills they need to survive in these difficult environments. We support the Agape project and we are proud to say it out loud.

Here is a small presentation of the project and the plan we have with Agape. A small gesture can go a long way. Make it Better

Happy Holidays!
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