#dcaroundtheworld - Ochs und Junior

Feb 06, 2019

We have brought you a few DC Around the World during these pasts few years, but this one is certainly one you will remember. Ochs Und Junior is an extraordinary boutique that creates something unique for each single customer, at the highest quality. That is why they have embraced Dalla Corte’s machine and the ideals of elegance and authenticity. In the centre of this amazing space one may admire the wonderful nebula black evo2.

The owners of the shop which is right in centre of Lucerne, are extremely passionate about coffee and have understood the importance of using a coffee machine which is made with love and passion. If you’re in Lucerne and are looking for a safe haven to keep away from the cold, go to Ochs Und Junior and feast your eyes on some Swiss precision watches and enjoy a steaming cup of coffee.

#dcaroundtheworld - Ochs und Junior
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