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May 26, 2023

Bienvenue à la Maison, pâtisserie and restaurant

Pâtisserie, bakery, table d’hôtes, restaurant, rooms, spa…Bienvenue à la Maison."La...


May 22, 2023

Cafè Giordano is the place to be.

What sets Cafè Giordano apart from other coffee shops in Sassari is their commitment to q...


Apr 03, 2023

Treat yourself to a latte and a fresh pastry!

Start your day off on the right foot with a cup of Pasticceria Verona bakery's delicious c...


Feb 22, 2023

Delicious dishes and excellent espresso at Fieno

Delicious dishes and wonderful atmosphere, we are at Fieno.This creative restaurant is a p...


Feb 17, 2023

Feel the sea breeze at Casa Tejada

Feel the sea breeze at  Casa Tejada in Barcelona!A Bistro-Tapas & Oyster Bar wher...


Jan 04, 2023

Delicious coffee at Collingwood Black

Delicious coffee and eat-in creations 7 days a week at Collingwood Black Espresso.Much mor...


Dec 28, 2022

The best breakfast in town at Café Albatros

A Dalla Corte XT by Café Albatros to accompany the best breakfast in town!We’re at Caf...


Nov 17, 2022

At Frangente, the espresso is by Dalla Corte

[Source: Comunicaffè]...


Nov 08, 2022

Relax at Walk in Café in Taipei, Taiwan

As temperatures cool off, don’t you suddenly want a hot cup of coffee?Autumn season call...


Sep 01, 2022

Cappuccino vs Cortado with Evo2 by Single Speed CR

Single Speed Coffee Roasters tell us what the difference between cappuccino and cortado is...


Jul 27, 2022

Flow profiling with Mina at Mamaste Cafe and Play

Are you ready to play with coffee? Opened just a month ago, Mamaste Cafe and Play wit...


Jul 12, 2022

Shopping at the COMMONS? Get your coffee fix at Roots

theCOMMONS in Bangkok Thailand promotes a healthy lifestyle, where the goal is pursuing yo...