Bean to Cup, a cozy spot in Bucharest

Feb 22, 2024

Bean to Cup is a cozy spot in Bucharest that has blossomed into a hub for social gatherings, reading enthusiasts, pet lovers, and foodies for a delightful experience 

With over 13 years in hospitality, the owner's expertise ensures a personalized coffee journey. They recommend savoring the exquisite double espresso for an unparalleled taste and aroma, crafted with the iconic Dalla Corte Zero espresso machine.

The Zero introduces baristas into a "zero limits" dimension, allowing them to express themselves fully. Try the Freestyle Water Flow, where each lever on the side of Zero’s brewing units provides four pre-set steps, creating a "zero limits" dimension for your extraction, with flow rates ranging from 3 to 9 g/s.

At Bean to Cup you can also enjoy in their heavenly pistachio or cheesecake croissants (arguably the best in Bucharest) and a delightful array of fresh desserts and snacks. These treats vanish quickly, so plan your visit early or reach out in advance! Join us for an extraordinary experience at this thriving Bucharest retreat.

Bean to Cup, a cozy spot in Bucharest