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Coffee education programs in Officina Dalla Corte

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Where are they held?

The courses take place in Officina Dalla Corte, in “via Zambeletti, 4” in Baranzate (MI). In this dynamic space we teach coffee education classes, technical training on our machines and we host coffee competitions and events. Always promoters of creativity and training, coffee education is part of Dalla Corte's mission.

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Who are they for?

Our courses welcome professionals and coffee lovers. There are no requirements: our different coffee education classes and training will help you improve your skill level, knowledge, and comprehension. Depending on the course, you can take your first steps in the world of coffee or practice your barista skills.

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What certifications can I get?

A certificate of participation is issued upon completion of each course from Dalla Corte srl, international brand of high-end espresso machines and member of the Specialty Coffee Association for over 20 years. Some courses - if specified in description - will also allow you to receive IEI (Italian Espresso Institute) and SCA certificates.

List of upcoming courses

Barista and Coffee Course

Barista and Coffee Course

February 13, 2024; February 14, 2024;

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Corso di caffetteria Espresso Academy

Corso di caffetteria Espresso Academy

March 14, 2024; March 15, 2024;

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