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Jul 15, 2024

Espresso Tasting: The secrets to becoming a true connoisseur

Espresso, a symbol of Italian coffee culture, is not just a drink, but a complete sensory ...


Jul 15, 2024

Professional Portafilter: 54mm vs. 58mm - Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Espresso

In the quest for the perfect espresso, every component of the professional coffee machine ...


Jul 04, 2024

A New Era of Coffee Innovation

The Zero Plus builds on the immense success of our original Zero, first introduced at Host...


Jun 30, 2024

Dalla Corte and Ekofan Present at Coffex

We are thrilled to announce our presence at Coffex Istanbul alongside our fantastic Turkis...


Jun 29, 2024

The Best of Coffee Innovation at WOC

As the World of Coffee event in Copenhagen draws to a close, there’s still time to immer...


Jun 24, 2024

How to Recognize Good Coffee in a Coffee Shop

When you walk into a coffee shop, there are a few details you can pay attention to in or...


Jun 21, 2024

Exciting Workshops at World of Coffee Copenhagen

We are excited to invite you to the World of Coffee Copenhagen event, taking place from Ju...


Jun 17, 2024

DC prepares for World of Coffee Copenhagen

We are thrilled to announce our participation in the Specialty Coffee Association's World ...


Jun 13, 2024

Iconic moments at Momentum Haus

Attention coffee enthusiasts in El Puerto de Santa María, Spain, and beyond! Whether...


Jun 11, 2024

The Role of Automation and control in Delivering Exceptional Quality in Coffee Shops: The Grinder Control System (GCS)

In the bustling world of coffee shops, where every shot of espresso can make or break a ...


Jun 10, 2024

Zero at Freude by BMW in Tokyo

We are thrilled to announce the installation of our Zero espresso machine at the newly ope...


Jun 06, 2024

Matilde Bakery's coffee journey

The perfect pairing of delicious pastries and espresso at Matilde Bakery where our XT espr...