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Aug 18, 2022

Create infinite coffee recipes

Through Mina’s app we have control of what happens in the pre-infusion and infusion stag...


Nov 10, 2020

Mina from A to Z, at the Brussels Coffee Week!

How can you taste 4 completely different cups of espresso using the exact same coffee bea...


Jun 22, 2020

DFR, mark the aromas in your cup

Unprecedented espresso profiling, mark the aromas in your cup and rely on Dalla Corte com...


Apr 10, 2020

DFR - Digital Flow Regulation

DFR stands for Digital Flow Regulation – an exclusive patented technology by Dalla Cort...


Apr 07, 2020

Digital and manual flow control, with Mina

What makes our single-group commercial espresso machine Mina one of a kind, is her exclus...


Mar 24, 2020

Mina's DFR in 3D!

Watch how Mina’s exclusive Digital Flow Regulation System works! Dalla Corte’s patent...


Mar 04, 2020


Do you know what flow-profiling is? It means creating different coffee profiles by contr...


Dec 23, 2019

Mina's flow profiling

Working together with Whole Latte Love, our new Dalla Corte Partner in the US, is always...