DFR, mark the aromas in your cup

Jun 22, 2020

Unprecedented espresso profiling, mark the aromas in your cup and rely on Dalla Corte commercial espresso machines' consistency to imprint unmistakable features in each coffee recipe.

This is what Dalla Corte’s patented Digital Flow Regulation can do for you. Set the amount of water that each group unit will use during extraction, different coffees require different recipes: only by playing with the flow you can either create different coffee profiles for the same bean selection or just find the ideal pre-infusion time for each one of your blends and single-origins.

Created for our single-group espresso machine Mina in 2015, it just couldn’t be missing on the new Zero coffee machine.

This Autumn marks the beginning of a new era, with Dalla Corte Zero.

DFR, mark the aromas in your cup