Mina's flow profiling

Dec 23, 2019

Working together with Whole Latte Love, our new Dalla Corte Partner in the US, is always a pleasure! We recently launched Dalla Corte commercial espresso machines Mina and XT in Boston, at the renowned George Howell Coffee. In the following video, Mark from Whole Latte Love and Danilo Lodi, Dalla Corte Coffee Pro and World Barista Championship judge, talk about Mina’s features.

Mina is Dalla Corte’s one group flow profiling espresso machine with multi boiler technology. What makes Mina unique is her exclusive flow profiling. A manual lever controls the flow rate (how many grams per second we’re putting on the coffee cake) in five programmable steps. This will enable barista to create different extraction profiles with the same coffee, choosing to enhance acidity or sweetness and adjust the profiles based on the customer’s tastes. As shown in the video, the Mina App opens the door to flow profiling and a whole range of adjustable features.

Find out what flow profiling can do to improve your espresso, check out the Dalla Corte Mina flow profiling video by Whole Latte Love:

Mina's flow profiling