DC Magazine - ICON

Sep 08, 2023

Icon, pure visual delight

Designed to captivate both customers and baristas, we created a machine that exuded innova...


Mar 06, 2023

ICON: simple, reliable, and captivating.

Simple, reliable, and captivating – this is ICON.An espresso machine that meets the bari...


Feb 03, 2023

Icon wins the Good Design Award

After the iF Design win for the Zero espresso machine in 2021, Dalla Corte wins another aw...


Nov 30, 2022

We created Icon for the Ho.Re.Ca. market

One thing that makes the #DallaCorteICON ideal for coffee shops and chains are its six dos...


Jun 17, 2022

Six dosed buttons to #makeitbetter with Icon

One of the things that makes Icon the perfect commercial espresso machine for coffee shops...


Jun 16, 2022

Icon, impeccable results with minimum effort

The DC System is one of the main assets that makes the Icon provide impeccable results wit...


Jun 14, 2022

Your Brand, Your Icon.

Light lines, geometric cuts, and wide room for your custom projects: the Icon by Dalla Cor...


Jan 20, 2022

Impeccable results with minimum effort.

ICON can make an excellent and consistent espresso over time, any given cup. It’s been ...


Oct 29, 2021

Let’s make your coffee ICONIC, with Dalla Corte Icon.

ICON, Dalla Corte's new professional espresso machine, combines performance and design.&n...


Oct 21, 2021

Make your coffee iconic, with Dalla Corte ICON

What makes an espresso unforgettable?  A rich and balanced taste achieved with an im...