Zero at Freude by BMW in Tokyo

Jun 10, 2024

We are thrilled to announce the installation of our Zero espresso machine at the newly opened Freude by BMW in Tokyo. This achievement is made possible through our amazing partners, Melitta Japan Official and Ogawa Coffee. 

Freude by BMW is not just a concept shop; it’s a stunning showcase of BMW luxury, where the elegance and performance of BMW vehicles meet the rich cultural tapestry of Japan. This extraordinary space displays rare and valuable BMW models, offers test drives of the latest vehicles, and features a unique café and bar that seamlessly blends Japanese and German food cultures.

Visitors to Freude by BMW can immerse themselves in a multi-faceted experience. The special atelier highlights BMW’s craftsmanship, allowing visitors to appreciate the meticulous detail and innovation that define the brand. Additionally, a lounge area adorned with art and interiors reflective of BMW's sophisticated style provides a perfect spot for relaxation. For those seeking an exclusive dining experience, the reservation-only Japanese restaurant offers an exquisite culinary journey.

The Zero Barista espresso machine stands proudly in this luxurious environment, delivering exceptional performance and quality. We are honored to be part of this innovative and prestigious venue. A big thanks to Melitta Japan Official and Ogawa Coffee for leading this project and helping us integrate the Zero Barista into such a sophisticated setting.

Next time you're in Tokyo, make sure to visit Freude by BMW. Enjoy the fusion of automotive excellence and culinary delights, and don't forget to savor a perfect cup of espresso from our Zero machine. It's an experience that embodies the diverse and refined lifestyles represented by BMW.

Zero at Freude by BMW in Tokyo