Matilde Bakery's coffee journey

Jun 06, 2024

The perfect pairing of delicious pastries and espresso at Matilde Bakery where our XT espresso machine awaits you! Located right in front of the Duomo, Matilde Bakery is a sophisticated addition to Milan's culinary scene, nestled in the heart of Via Orefici.

Matilde Bakery is reminiscent of an authentic Parisian bistro, with its elegant island counter embellished with wooden drawers, white wood paneling walls, emerald green velvet armchairs and brass sconces. Central to the bakery's charm is the aged brass structure that houses our #XTBarista station complemented by a display of fine bottles on the upper shelves.

Personalize your coffee experience with the XT espresso machine, which offers unparalleled extraction control. The manual flow controller allows you to create customized extraction profiles, improving workflow efficiency with real-time weight control.

Matilde Bakery's coffee journey