Enkel – a project by Michalis Karagiannis

Feb 05, 2024

Welcome to Enkel Kaffe – a passion project brought to life by our brand ambassador Michalis Karagiannis and his brother Giorgos Karagiannis.

Launched in Peristerion - Greece - last December, Enkel is an immersive experience, brought to life by Michalis Karagiannis, a true coffee sorcerer and two-time World Latte Art Championship finalist!

Step into elegance and discover the sleek Zero White Oak espresso machine, a genuine work of art that perfectly complements the contemporary interior and chic furnishings. Thanks to the Zero, Michalis and his team are set to deliver a coffee experience like no other – each cup narrating a story, an exquisite fusion of passion and expertise.

Ready for a flavor-packed journey? Head to Enkel and indulge in the magic of coffee.

Enkel – a project by Michalis Karagiannis