Orang Utan Coffee Project

Sustainable Coffee Plantations - Orang Utan Coffee Project: Their Future, Our Nature, Your Coffee.

The tropical rainforest of Sumatra provides the ideal climate for an exceptional Arabica coffee, but it is also the natural habitat for the now few living orangutans.

An increase in palm oil production and in the development of farms and industries has resulted in constant deforestation, which has been jeopardizing the lives of local farmers and animals.

To prevent the tropical rainforest from being destroyed, the Orang Utan Coffee Project has supported local coffee farmers towards an ecological and sustainable management of their plantations. This way, the original forest and the orangutans’ natural habitat can be preserved. We decided to support this extraordinary project ever since it started because we felt we must stop this exploitation. Later, we worked with Project volunteers to open the first Orang Utan Coffee Lab in Medan, the major city in Sumatra, and provided them with our machines and other necessary tools.

In 2015 we organized the dc campus in Sumatra to live the incredible experience of local farmers' life and admire the local fauna.

If you wish to help actively and get more info about the Project, please visit the website: www.orang-utan-coffee.ch

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