2021 marks Dalla Corte’s twentieth anniversary

Jul 15, 2021

2021 marks Dalla Corte’s twentieth anniversary, an important milestone that calls for a proper celebration!

It’s already been 20 years since that distant 2001 when Bruno, Paolo and Elsa Dalla Corte founded the family business. We've come a long way if we think of the first laboratory in via Candiani in Milan, where it all began. Today Dalla Corte has more than 50 employees and is present in over 60 countries, with thousands of coffee shops all over the world that have chosen us!

We are still a “family” of coffee enthusiasts, patrons of creativity and always searching for ever-innovative technology to bring the perfect espresso into every cup.

Follow us on this journey to rediscover some of Dalla Corte's most important moments, what makes us different, what drives us to always #makeitbetter, and what we have in store for the future.

2021 marks Dalla Corte’s twentieth anniversary