54mm and 58mm: which portafilter do you choose?

Aug 03, 2023

Which portafilter would you choose for your coffee adventures? Let us introduce you to the distinctive features of our 54mm and 58mm portafilters.

Since the very beginning, the 54mm portafilter has been a true masterpiece, designed by the skillful minds of Paolo and Bruno Dalla Corte themselves. It has been a leading character in our professional espresso machines, and we can't wait to tell you all about its unique qualities! 

During extraction with a standard 9 bar pressure, the 54mm portafilter showcases its magic by weighing approximately 30kg(!) less on the coffee cake compared to the 58mm alternative.

And with the same amount of coffee, the 54mm portafilter creates a taller coffee cake, allowing for a slower drip of hot water and longer pre-infusion, offering a more delicate and flavorsome espresso. 

However, we understand that the coffee world is always evolving, and our baristas are constantly exploring new frontiers. That's why we wanted to give our beloved customers the option to enjoy the best of both worlds, introducing our 58mm portafilter kit.

This larger portafilter allows baristas to explore a higher dosage of specific blends, bringing out the hidden aromas and flavors in every single sip. 

At Dalla Corte, we believe in providing our customers with options, so they can experience the ultimate coffee journey according to their preferences. Whether you choose the distinctive 54mm portafilter or venture into the world of 58mm, every cup will be a true masterpiece crafted with passion and precision. 

54mm and 58mm: which portafilter do you choose?