A long-awaited travel prize to Melbourne!

Nov 04, 2022

During World of Coffee 2019 in Berlin, we’ve given away a trip to attend the World Barista Championship in Melbourne: thanks to his latte art skills Gianmarco Frosoni won the contest and snatched a ticket to Australia!

It took three years - given the Covid emergency - but we finally took Gianmarco with us to Melbourne to see the talented international champions in action.

“I saw the Italian guys and the other champions compete” he tells us, “by watching them you can tell how much research and preparation they go through before coming here”.

But Gianmarco's experience didn’t stop at assisting at the Barista and Brewing World Championships, he also tells us how the Australian coffee scene has amazed him:

“I’ve been around Melbourne and there are so many things we don’t see in Italy in terms of coffee shops and their equipment. The coffee scene here is at least 10 years ahead of us, the knowledge of the raw material and the role of the barista. It’s so different, the barista here is valued and training is really important. I also had the opportunity to visit many coffee shops, there is no frenzy like we have in Italy, the coffee ritual is much more chilled and laid back ".

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A long-awaited travel prize to Melbourne!