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Jun 14, 2022

How many times have you gone to a cafe, had a great coffee, only to be disappointed upon your next visit when your coffee is “less good”? 

Unfortunately this experience is a common one. It can be incredibly difficult for a cafe owner to ensure that all members of staff are trained to the same level of barista, that the machine is calibrated consistently throughout the day, and that the stress of a busy rush doesn’t affect the quality of the coffee being served.

Enter Icon, Dalla Corte’s newest espresso machine equipped with the DC System. A modern exterior of stainless steel  geometric lines  complete with the GCS, MCS, and OCS. Together, these technologies work to  ensure a cafe can run smoothly and consistently even in the midst of the busiest rush. 

So what exactly does the DC System do to keep things consistent? Here is a rundown: 

GCS - Grinder Control System.
Once they are connected to our espresso machines, dc one and dc two will automatically adjust the grind to consistently provide perfect coffee extractions. 

MCS - Smooth perfectly textured milk at just the push of a button. A temperature sensor will automatically stop the steaming process when the milk reaches the optimum pre-set result.

OCS - With your smartphone, laptop or any other device, you can connect to your espresso machine remotely and easily modify the temperature of each group, set up the coffee doses for the extractions, control counters, timers, alarms and all the main parameters of your Dalla Corte machine.

A New Icon