A Wonderful World (Of Coffee)

Jun 24, 2022

Thursday the 23rd of June kicked off the first day of World of Coffee, a three-day major event dedicated to specialty coffee. Dalla Corte is in attendance, exhibiting our espresso machines with the help of some friendly familiar faces:

- World Latte Art Runner-Up 2017-2018, Michalis Karagiannis, is spending his mornings during WOC  at the Dalla Corte booth where he will be sharing his knowledge and displaying his talent with Latte Art workshops. 

- As he did on Thursday, Dalla Corte’s own Danilo Lodi will demonstrate the Zero’s flow profiling capabilities on Friday in the early afternoon.  

- Thursday afternoon the Italian Barista Champion, Matteo Pavoni, joined us for coffee tasting and a cocktail show with Enrico Fiore of Flair Academy. 

- Cole Torode, the Canadian Barista Champion, will be on the Mina extracting freshly roasted  Forward Specialty Coffee green beans using an Ikawa personal coffee roaster. 

A Wonderful World (Of Coffee)