All R. Star driving experience: adrenaline and coffee

Dec 03, 2021

December 3-5 at Boccadifalco airport in Palermo, three days dedicated to sustainable mobility at the "All RStar Driving Experience", with road tests, professional drivers, talks and entertainment.

Dalla Corte is here with our local partner Histo Caffè, where the airport runways of Boccadifalco - one of the oldest airports in Italy - become the exceptional setting for test drives of the Mercedes-Benz and AMG full electric range.

After running laps with the drivers of the Amg Driving Academy Italia, visitors can taste excellent coffees with Histo Caffè and Dalla Corte Mina, the first choice for an espresso machine when it comes to finding the ideal flow for a perfect cup of espresso. The delicious selections available are a Colombia Ana Bolanos Ombligon FW, a natural anaerobic Ethiopia yirgacheffe chelichele and a Kenia Kiambu AA, all from Casper Specialty Coffee.

An appointment filled with adrenaline and caffeine, at the "All RStar Driving Experience" #makeitbetter

All R. Star driving experience: adrenaline and coffee