Andrea Antonelli: latte art talents trainer

Apr 28, 2017

“It doesn’t matter if you do a difficult decoration, it matters if you do it properly," explains Andrea Antonelli, SCA trainer and founder of Street Coffee School, during the latte art course he held yesterday in Spazio Candiani (our multifunctional space in Milan).

Lorenzo Ruggeri, winner of our Latte Art Contest at Sigep 2017, together with Ilaria Nocentini, Erika Bono and Alessandro Bresciani are the four guys who took part with enthusiasm in the training.

“Technique is extremely important especially at the beginning,” Andrea continues, "you have to find your personal strategy to succeed, try over and over again, match aromas and milk flavors, consider the extraction temperature. You have to take into account many variables."

Andrea was Italian Latte Art Champion for 4 consecutive years. For sure, he knows how to make the perfect cappuccino.

Andrea Antonelli: latte art talents trainer