Appointment with the Lags Battle in Officina Dalla Corte!

Jun 04, 2021

On June 16th, starting at 9.00 am, the fourth and last selection stage of the Lags Battle Italia will take place in Milan at Officina Dalla Corte!

Officina Dalla Corte is our new multifunctional space and training center, a new coffee hub open to everyone. It will be the last venue of this year’s LAGS Battle, where we’ll find out who the best latte art competitors are, and who will compete in the Italian finals of Host 2021, followed by the World Championship WLAGS Battle.

The expert latte art baristas will work on our Zero commercial espresso machines to recreate the patterns required by the Latte Art Grading System regulation. At this last stage of the selection there will be:

8 competitors for the GREEN level

4 competitors for the RED level

4 competitors for the BLACK level

The winners of each level will be established by three international judges elected by LAGS.

To host the Lags Warriors safely, access to the race is exclusively reserved for competitors and organizers who must respect distancing rules and bring a negative swab test with them.

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Appointment with the Lags Battle in Officina Dalla Corte!