Assofoodtec interviews Paolo Dalla Corte

Dec 18, 2019

Host 2019 has been an eventful show for Dalla Corte, an amazing booth and an extraordinary result with the launch of our new espresso machine Zero.

In the following video, Assofoodtec Anima interviews Paolo Dalla Corte at Host. They talk about European regulations and what it means to be Made in Italy for the commercial espresso machine export market.

“The importance of being Made in Italy” says Paolo, CEO of Dalla Corte, “is […]an added value, because all our coffee machines were born here in Milan”. Being a company that exports over 90% of its products abroad, the Made in Italy brand is relevant indeed, for its renowned excellence in the technology and innovation field.

“One of the advantages that I value the most about being a member of Assofoodtec” Paolo explains “is to have meeting tables about regulations on an EU level, in which we can discuss specific procedures for our product's security”.

One of the many benefits of being a member of Assofoodtec for Dalla Corte, is also having access to annual reports regarding export “by analysing them, we can figure out what can be an emerging market, a potential market, and a declining market and adapt our marketing and commercial strategies”.

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Assofoodtec interviews Paolo Dalla Corte