Bar Affori, Change the rules is not for everyone

Jul 08, 2019

Change the rules is not for everyone. The ambition to innovate and always offer something better.

This is the Bar Affori’s philosophy, an historical coffeeshop in Affori area of Milan. Established in the early 1900s, Bar Affori experienced the change of the whole area, from a popular suburban part of the city to a dynamic conglomerate, in the heart of the global and multi-ethnic Milan.

Always a special meeting place for the inhabitants of this area, Bar Affori has decided to include single-origin specialty coffees, filter coffees and cold brews into the coffee menu.

It is not just a matter of following a trend, the so-called fourth wave of the coffee community, but of proposing a new way of experiencing coffee, completely different from the past, an important opportunity to educate customers about the hard work there is behind a cup of coffee and every single bean.

"We realized that coffee should, once again, become the main focus inside a coffee shop" - explains Alessandro Interrante, shop owner together with his brother Salvatore, during the inauguration - "Our coffeeshop has always been a fundamental meeting point for the neighborhood community: now we have decided to increase the quality with a courageous choice, to educate customers about this wonderful product, the coffee we all love, and make them try new experiences".

A Dalla Corte XT Total White will be used for the two house blends; Mina, thanks to the exclusive flow profiling technology, will extract the single origin coffees in the menu, that will be different every month.

This month, Brazil and Ethiopia Sidamo will be on the spotlight, let yourself overwhelm by the taste of a good cup of coffee and by an unique atmosphere, that only the historic suburbs of Milan can give you.

Bar Affori, Change the rules is not for everyone