Barista Hangout in Hamburg - coffee and good vibes

Dec 02, 2021

Coffee, technology and good vibes at the 'Barista Hangout' in Hamburg with Dalla Corte Deutschaland and their partner in town Mayr Machines.

At this gathering with coffee lovers, baristas and customers - including Aylin Ölçer, German barista champion 2020 - we held a short coffee challenge on Zero! The challenge focused on TDS, 'total dissolved solids', which are the soluble parts of coffee that are dissolved and extracted by water.

Not only did they have the opportunity of working on two Zero in the Anniversary edition, guests have also taken a first look at Icon, the latest multi-group commercial espresso machine by DC presented at HostMilano 2021.

Thank you Dalla Corte Deutschland, Mayr Machines and all guests for ‘hanging out’ with us! #makeitbetter

Barista Hangout in Hamburg - coffee and good vibes