Bazzara Academy introduces the new Zero Classic

May 13, 2022

Bazzara Academy introduces the new Zero Classic by Dalla Corte into their laboratory to provide an experience that offers the best in terms of quality and performance.

The Zero Classic commercial espresso machine is ideal for those who stick to traditions, thanks to an impeccable precision of 0.1 ° degrees that makes every extraction consistent and repeatable.

Well described by Dalla Corte's business developer Italy, Carmen Stanziola, in the video made with Bazzara, Zero is a combination of advanced technology and futuristic design, a turning point for the entire coffee industry.

In addition to an extreme precision and consistency with each shot of espresso, there are many programs that can be experimented with Zero Classic, from the Real Time Weight function, the Cool Touch steam wands and the new cup heater that allows you to go from full power in colder months and lower it as much as you need in warmer seasons.

Watch Bazzara’s video with Carmen Stanziola - business developer Italy for Dalla Corte - to find out more about Zero Classic! #zerolimits

Bazzara Academy introduces the new Zero Classic