Beautiful latte art, at Einstein Cafè

Jan 09, 2020

If you like to caffeinate yourself with beautiful cappuccinos adorned with intricate designs, Einstein Cafè, in the mediaeval heart of Bern, Switzerland, is well worth popping in to.

To make a cappuccino in its simplest and tastiest form - an espresso with steamed milk that culminates into a creamy surface of milky heaven - you need an espresso machine with a professional steam wand: Einstein Cafè chooses a 3-group Dalla Corte Evo2 commercial espresso machine and a DCtwo coffee grinder.

During a busy day, Einstein Cafè will make over 300 cappuccinos! Traditional, soy or oat, the milk is always perfectly silky, the latte art always expertly done.

Beautiful latte art, at Einstein Cafè