Beyond the Extreme: XT

Jun 13, 2018

The XT is Dalla Corte’s new professional espresso machine dedicated to baristas, who want extreme accuracy with regards to all the extraction parameters that the XT is able to provide, with a real time weight control, customizable flow rate and a drop by drop temperature control. Unprecedented technology and functionality.

XT, its name resonates precision, consistency and creativity, that’s what makes it stand out, the possibility of customizing extraction recipes and creating a unique vision of coffee and always maintaining full control over the extraction.

This time Dalla Corte has taken Mina’s revolutionary DFR (Digital Flow Regulation) system and has created a manual version for this machine. So that when the flow rate has been chosen by the barista, it remains constant throughout the period, to give you the true expression of coffee. The barista can play with coffee, he or she may decide to use different coffees by setting the best flow profile for every single group or otherwise use the same coffee for different flow profiles to obtain distinct results for each one.

The XT is able to provide extreme accuracy with a real time weight control. The feature is based on a unique command of the extremely precise flowmeter that will allow baristas to check the final weight of the coffee in the cup by looking at the group display, precision up to the last drop.

In terms of control and consistency the new XT has a new temperature regulator that leverages on the unbeatable Dalla Corte multi-boiler technology, and that has now reached perfection thanks to the precision of the flowmeter. This allows the machine to always provide exactly the right amount of energy needed to maintain the extraction at the desired temperature.

All of this is shown on each group display, see it for yourself.

True creation and personalization, even though we are true believers of the 54mm portafilter has superior performances, the new XT comes with an optional 58mm portafilter kit, this way the barista can play with both to really offer a unique creation.

A great coffee starts with a great creation, customize your recipes and give your customers the perfect extraction one million times.

Discover XT: Dalla Corte’s new professional espresso machine

Beyond the Extreme: XT