#brewathome Zoom Party

Apr 30, 2020

We’d like to invite you to an exciting digital event - join in our #brewathome Zoom Party with Dalla Corte Brand Ambassador Danilo Lodi and Coffee Expert Simone Guidi!

We partnered up with and joined in the #brewathome movement. This campaign wishes to bring together different players in the coffee industry, by sharing our experiences and knowledge as we face these hard times together.

Our party agenda is jam-packed with interesting topics!

Marco Libonati - Dalla Corte Sales Manager for Asia, Africa and Pacific, will talk about the company’s amazing history and milestones.

Danilo Lodi - Dalla Corte's Brazilian Brand Ambassador and one of the official judges of World Coffee Events since 2011 - will then illustrate Dalla Corte’s commercial espresso machines advanced technology and features focusing on flow-profiling machine Mina.

Simone Guidi - Italian Coffee Pro and creator of La Sosta Specialty Coffee, will demonstrate on Dalla Corte’s home-espresso-machine Studio how can such a compact coffee machine, perform at professional levels in both coffee extraction and milk frothing.

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to virtually get together – we can practise social distancing without isolating each other, let’s connect screen to screen to talk all things coffee!


The #brewathome zoom party info is:


Meeting ID: 862 0332 7947

#brewathome Zoom Party