Coffee Pro Project, Fabrizio

Dec 18, 2018

Coffee Pros are the best professional baristas in the World. They know coffee, live coffee and share what they believe in, just as we do. One of these is Fabrizio Sencion Ramirez, who has an immense passion for coffee and has currently opened roasteries as well as specialty coffee shops in Mexico. What is so amazing about this project? The fact that he only uses coffee from his home upland of Nayarit to the region of Chiapas

.He is extremely dedicated to the coffee industry, we love to share these moments with some of the most amazing people in the industry and we are extremely happy to be part of the Coffee Pro Project.

"Being part of the Coffee Pro project is an opportunity to congregate with baristas and coffee professionals from different countries, with different cultures"

Coffee Pro Project, Fabrizio