Coffee & Talks by Baristas’ Corner

Feb 12, 2020

Dalla Corte Coffee & Talks by Baristas’ Corner in Dubai is drawing near! The event, open to everyone, will take place this Friday, February 14th, at C Central Resort in the beautiful Palm Jumerirah.

An unmissable event to share coffee culture with baristas, roasters and coffee lovers. We’ll be holding a fierce Latte Art Throwdown with AST barista (Authorized SCA Trainer) Chiara Bergonzi, the 2014 vice-world-champion of the Latte Art championships. First prize for the lucky winner is Dalla Corte’s professional espresso machine Studio!

Studio is equipped with Dalla Corte’s most advanced technology: manual temperature control with a 0.1° precision, the multiboiler patented technology and our professional steam wand, for you to create the most beautiful cappuccinos. Its small size makes Studio perfect for home, small shops and offices.

Dalla Corte’s Coffee Pro Danilo Lodi, one of the official judges of World Coffee Events since 2011, will work on flow-profiling espresso machine Mina, illustrating the importance of flow in extracting a good espresso. Through Mina’s app, we have control on the pre-infusion and infusion stage, in terms of flow and time. A manual lever controls the flow rate in five programmable steps, enabling the barista to create different extraction profiles with the same coffee, or enhancing acidity and sweetness to adapt to the customer’s taste.

Music, drinks and coffee will be closing this incredible day filled with excitement, you can’t miss this opportunity to discover more about the fascinating coffee world and Dalla Corte’s espresso machine’s technology.

Coffee & Talks by Baristas’ Corner